Logistics Mobile Application

Logistics mobile applications offer numerous benefits in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency in the transportation and supply chain industry. Here are key points detailing their significance. Logistics mobile apps provide benefits such as easy fleet management, minimizing bureaucratic hassles, reducing delivery time and costs, and offering advanced tracking capabilities.Essential features of logistics apps include order management, search for nearby vehicles, vehicle selection, real-time tracking, and alerts and notifications.

The Key Features of Logistics App

It’s the features and functionalities that enable the logistics app to stand out among the competitors along with providing all the stakeholders access to the information critical to them. Here are some of the critical features of a logistics app:

User App Panel Features

Order management

From the order, tracking, and monitoring to canceling or reordering the shipment and order history, order management enables the users to have insights into every aspect related to their shipments.

Search nearby vehicles

Facilitates users to select the available vehicles in the vicinity for transportation to ease logistics coordination and increase convenience. For business owners, it enables robust resource allocation and efficient logistic operation.

Choose vehicle

This feature of the logistic app enables the user to choose the best-fit vehicle(van, truck, or specialized carrier) for their shipment according to the consignment size(small parcel, bulk order, or special cargo) and more.


Users can conveniently monitor the status and location of their packages at every stage of the delivery process, helping them plan and prepare for their deliveries.

Real-time alerts and notifications

It provides real-time updates of shipment delivery at every stage(in transit, order processing, staging, loading, out for delivery, etc.). Further, the logistics company can also send notifications of offers, discounts, coupons, and more.

Multiple payment options

Allow the users to choose their preferred mode of payment(credit/debit cards, UPI, mobile wallets, cash on delivery or more).

Ratings and reviews

It would enable the users to provide ratings and reviews for the services, which would help other users(regarding the quality of services) and logistic companies(regarding improving the logistic app, or any service aspect).

Driver Panel Features


It offers real-time insights and information on all logistic operations in a single screen, whether it be the delivery status, delivery schedules, delivery routes, vehicle performance metrics, maintenance and repairing status, reviews/ratings, and more, along with real-time analytics, charts, and graphs.

Profile management

The driver can add/update their basic information(name, contact info, address, availability status), upload all documents(educational certificates, driving licenses, health reports, and more), and maintain an up-to-date personal profile using this feature.

Shipment delivery details

This feature provides the drivers with various consignment/shipment delivery-related information like package specifics(weight or special delivery requirements), freight details, route details, time duration required to reach the delivery destination, and more.

Nearby facilities(mechanical support and fuel stations)

Keep your drivers from getting stuck finding essential services(garages and mechanics, warehouses, fuel stations, or any other assistance centers) when on the route to delivering the shipments by just searching it in the logistics app.

Pre-planned and best route

Dynamic selection of delivery route drivers can result in time and fuel consumption increases. Adding these features in custom logistics app development in the driver’s panel would enable them to view the pre-planned route defined by the admins or business owners.

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